Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 66

Elements of - 34 Mole Balances Chap 1 P1-17(a There are initially 5 0 0 rabbits fx and 200 foxes(y on F m e r Oat's property Use Polymath or MATLAB

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Unformatted text preview: 34 Mole Balances Chap. 1 P1-17, (a) There are initially 5 0 0 rabbits fx) and 200 foxes (y) on F m e r Oat's property. Use Polymath or MATLAB to plot the concentration of foxes and rabbits as a function of time for a period of up to 500 days. The predator-prey relationships are given by the following set of coupled ordinar). differential equatims: Constant for growth of rabbits k, = 0.02 d a y ' Constant for death of rabbits k2 = 0 aKX34/(day x no. of foxes) Constani for p m h of foxes after eating labbits k, = O.N04/(day x no. of rabbitq) Constant for death of foxes Ir, = 0.04 duj-' What do your results look like for the case of k, = 0.00004/(day x no. of rabbits) and r,,,, = 8I)O daysq A l ~ o plot the number of foxes versus the number of rabb~ts. Explain why the curves look the way they do. Vary the parameters k,, k z . k7, and k,. Discuss which parameters can or cannot be larger than others. Write a paragraph describing what you find....
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