Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 69

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 69

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Conversion 2 and Reactor Sizing Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation, because character is what you redly are while reputation is merely what others think you are. John Wooden, coach, UCLA Bruins Overview. In the first chapter, the general mole balance equation was detived and then applied to the four most common types of industrial reactors. A balance equation was developed for each reactor type and these equations are summarized in TabIe S-I. In Chapter 2, we will eval- uate these equations to size CSTRs and PFRs. To size these reactors we first define conversion, which is a measure of the reaction's progress toward completion, and then rewrite all the balance equations in terms of conversion. These equations are
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Unformatted text preview: ofren referred to as the design equations. Next, we show how one may size a reactor line., determine the reactor volume necessary to achieve a specified conversion) once the relationship between the reaction rate, - r ~ , and conversion, X, is known. In addition to being abIe to size C S R s and PFRs once given -r, =Am, another goal of this chapter is to compare CSTRs and PFRs and the overall con- versions far reactors arranged in series. It is also important to arrive at the best arrangement of reactors in series. After completing this chapter you will be able to size CSTRs and PFRs given the rate of reaction as a function of conversion and to calcu- late the overall conversion and reactor volumes for reactors arranged in series....
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