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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 6

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 6 - j,f6(o oo 6(0 oo)l flt...

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Fourier Transforms of Etem€ntary Functions JG) 6(t) (impulse) sgn0) Gis.um) e '',0)bosirive tine exponcDtial) ."/,( /) (nesative'lnnccxpooential) c '' (positive- and negative-rimc cxponential) eii4r (cornplex cxpoienliat) r(11 I 2nA6(a) n\(a) + tljo 2,r(o oo) ,[a(o + oo) + 6(o o0)]
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Unformatted text preview: j,f6(o + oo) 6(0 oo)l flt) 0perationat Transforms F(.t Kf(t f1() f'(t) dt tQ)/.tt" +.ldr.) lGtL) ej-tto / r (^)r(/ ^)dr l '(.r) f.(t) t'l(t) KI:(u) rla) [email protected]) + F1(.a) [email protected])" r,(u) li fe), ,,0 r _. tt \a oa) + x (o)H(.,) ; l - F @ F , ( ' - ' 4 d u \'! t dtt)...
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