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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 13

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 13 - Problems continue the...

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Fundamental Equations and Concepts Throughout the text, you will see fundamental equatioN and concepts set apart from the main text.This is done to help you focus on some of the key piinciples in electric circuits and to help you navigate tbrough the impor- tant topics. Integration of Computer Tools Computer tools can assist students in the learning processby pioviding a visual representation oI a circuit's behavior, validating a calculated solu_ tion, rcducing the computational burden of morc complex circuits, and iterating toward a desired solution using parameter variation. This compu- tational suppofi is often invaluable in the design process The eighth edi- tion ircludes the support of PSpice, a popular computer tool Chapter problems suited for explomtion with Pspice are so marked. Design Emphasis The eighth edition continues to support the emphasis on the design of cir- cuits in many ways First, several of the Practical Perspective discussions focus on the design aspects of the circuits. The accompanying Chapter
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Unformatted text preview: Problems continue the discussion of the design issues in these pnctical examples. Second, desigl-odented Chapter Prcblems have been labeled explicitly, enabling students and instructols to identify those problems with a design focus. Third, the identification of problems suited to explo_ ration wit}I Pspice suggests design opporturdties using this soflware Accuracy All text and problems in the eig.hth edition have undergone our strict hall-mark triple accuracy checking process, to ensure the most error-ftee book possible. RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTORS www.pren ha[[.con/ni lsson The eighth edition of Elsctlic Circuits comes with Prentice Hall's poweful new suite of student and instructol online resources For Studentsi , Online homework and Dractice with immediate feedback and inte grared e-book uslDg PH UradeAssl\l . Online Study Guide that highlights the key concepts of electric circuits . Additional book and course specific resouces...
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