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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 14

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 14 - F orI nstructors...

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For Instructors: . Assignable, automatically graded online homework with PH cradeAssist . Digital version of all figur€s from the book . Interactive Learning classroom PowerPoint slides . Sample Chapter Tests . Additional book and course specific resources ADDITIONAL OFFLINE RESOURCES For Students: . Student Study Pack-This new resoutce teaches students techniques for solving problems presented in the text. Organized by concepts, this is avaluable problem-solving resource for all levels of students. . Introduction to Pspice Manual-Updated for the eighth edition, the manual comes with the latest available release of the software on CD. For Instructors: . Instructor Solutions Manual-Fully worked out solutions to end-of- chapter problems. ' Instructor Problem Bank A tremendous new resoruce with many additional problems and conespo ding solutions to problems not found in the text.This is a great tool for qeating homework and exams. 0rdering
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