Electric Circuits 8th Edition 15

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 15 - and 14(hplac methods and...

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and 14 (hplac€ methods), and Chapter 18 (Tko-Port Circuits) to develop the desired emphasis . Ttro-semester sequencer Assuming three lectuies per week, tle fiIst nine chapters can be covered during the first semester, leaving Chapters I0- l8 for the second .emesler. ' Academic quartu schedrler The book can be subdivided into three parts: Chapten 1-6, Chapters 7-12, and Chapters 13-18. The introduction to operational amplifier circuits can be omitted vithout interfercnce by the rcader going to the subsequent chapten. For examplq if Chapter 5 is omitted, the instructor can simply skip Section 7.7, Sectron 8-5, Chapter 15, and those problerns and assessing objective problems in the chapterc
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