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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 16

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 16 - eighth edition We are...

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. Karl Bithdnger, Univetsit! ofwashington . Carl Wells, Iryr8fttnglon State Unirercity ' Aydir I.Karsilayan, kasA&M UnireNity . Ramakant Sdvastava,University of Florida . Michel M. Mala$iz, Univetsity of Mithigan, Ann Arbor . Christopher Hoople, Rocheskr Institute ofTechnolosy . Sannasi Ramanan, Rochester Itlstitute ofTechnologj . Gary A. Hallock, U/.ivenitt) ol Texas at Austin The authom would also like to thanl Ramakant S vastava of the Udversity ol !loflda. aDd lhe Accurary Re! iew Team al CEX Publisbing Senices, for their help in checking ttre text and all the problems in the
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Unformatted text preview: eighth edition. We are deeply indebted to the many instructors and students who have offered positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. We use as many of these suggestions as possible to continue to improve the con-tent, the pedagogy, and the presentation. We are honorcd to have the opportunity to impacr the educational expeiience ol the many thousands of future engheers who will tum the pages of this text. JaMEs W. NlssoN SUSAN A, REDEL...
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