Electric Circuits 8th Edition 19

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 19 - Chapter I nductance....

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6.1 6.4 6.5 Chapter 6 Inductance. Capacitance, and Mutual Inductance 186 Pnctical Perspective: Proximity Switches 187 The Inductor 188 The Capacitor 195 Series-Paraltel Cornbinations of Inductance and Capacitance 200 Mutuat Inductance 203 A Closer Look at Mutual Indudance 207 Pructical Perspective: Prcxinity Sdtches 214 Sunmary 217 Prcblens 218 7 Response of First-0rder fl and flf, Circuits 228 Pructicol Perspedive: A Floshing Light Citcuit 229 7.1 The Natural ResDonse of an fl Circuit 230 7.2 The Natural Response of an 8C Circuit 2j6 7.3 The Step Response ot fl. and RC Circuits 240 7,4 A Generat Solution for SteD and Natural Responses 248 7,5 Sequentiat Switching 254 7.6 Unbounded Response 258 7.7 The Integrating Amplifiet 260 Prodicdl Pe6pective: A Flqshing Light Circuit 263 Sumnory 265 froDens zbb 8 Natural and Step Responses of RLC Circuits 284 Ptoctical Petspedive: An lgnition Cir.uit 285 8.1 Introduction to the Natural ResDonse of a Palattet nIC Circuit 286 8,2 The Forms of the Natural ResDonse Paratl.et RIC Circuit 291 8.3 The Step Response of a Parallel
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