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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 24

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 24 - List f E xamphs x v o 1...

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10.4 Catcutating Complex Power 402 10.5 Calcutating Average and Reactive Power 406 10.6 Calculating Power in Pardllet Loads 40l 10,7 Balancing Power Delivered with Power Absorbed in an ac Circuit 408 10,8 Detemining Ma$mum Power Transfer without Load Restrictions 41-t 10.9 Detemining Maximum Power Transfer with Load Impedance Restri.llon 414 10.10 Finding Maximum Power Transfer with I pedance Aogle Restidions 414 10.11 Finding Maximun Power Transfer in a Circuit with an Ideal Transformer 4J5 Chapter 11 11,1 Anatyzing a Wye-Wye Cit.uiI 440 11.2 Anatyzing a Wye-Detta Circuit 444 11,3 Catcul.ating Power in a Three-Phase Wye-Wye Circuit 449 11.4 Catculating Por,rer in a Three-Phase Wye-Delta tltcull 45u 11.5 Catcllating Three-Phase Power with an Unspecified Load 450 11.6 Computing Wattmeter Readings in Three-Phase Citcuits 454 Chapter 12 12.1 Using Step tunctions to Represent a Function oT ilntre uuralon 4/u Chapter 13 13.1 Deriving the Transfer
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