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1.1 Etectricat Engineering: An overview p. 3 1.2 The Internationat System of Units p. 8 1.3 Circuit Anatysisr An overview p. 10 1.4 Voltage and (urrent p. 1? 1.5 The Ideal Basic Circuit Etement p. 12 1.6 Power and Energy p. 14 1 Unde6tand and be abte to use 5I units and the standad prefi:es for powers of 10. 2 Know and be abte to use ihe dennitions of 3 Know afd be abt€ to us€ ihe defifitions of 4 Be abte to use the passive siqn convention to caLcutaie the power for af ideal basic cjrcujt €tement given its vottage and cunent. Circuit Variables ElectricaI engineering is an exciting and challcnging profcssion for anvone who has a genuine interest in, and aptitude lor, applied science and mathematics. Over the past century and a hall, electrical engineers have played a dominant rolc in thc developnrent of svstems that have cbanged the v',ay people live and work. Satellite commu cation links, telephones, digital com puters,
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