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1.1 EL€ciricat Engjneenng: An 0verview cabin lights on, make the coffee, and show the movie. Signal-processing systems reduce the noise in air taffic communications and tlansform information about the plane's location into the more meaningful form of a video display in the cockpit. Engineering challenges abound in t}le design of each of these systems and their integration into a coherent whole. For example, these systems must operate il widely varying and unpredictable environmental conditions. Perhaps the most importalt engineering chal- lenge is to guarantee that sufficient redundanry is incorporated in the designs to ensure that passenge$ arive safely and on time a! their desired destinations. Although electrical engineers may be interested primarily in one area, they must also be knowledgeable il other areas that interact with this area of interest. This intemction is part of what makes electrical engi neering a challenging and exciting profession. The emphasis in engineer ing
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