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2. The net charge on ewty component in the system is always zero. Thus no component can collect a net excess of charge, although some components, as you will learn latei, can hold equal but oppo- site separated charges. 3. Therc is no magnetic co pling betteeen the components in a system. As we demonstrate later, magnetic coupling can occtrr within a componenL Thafs it; there are no other assumptions. Using circuit theory provides simple solutions (of sufficient accuracy) to problems that would become hopelessly complicated if we were to use electromagnetic field theory These belefits are so great that engineeN sometimes specifically design electical systems to ensure that these assumptioN are met. The impor- tance of assumptions 2 and 3 becomes apparent after we inlroduce the basic circrlit elements altd the rules for analyzing interconnected elements. However, we need to take a closer look at assumption 1. The question r\ "How small does a pb).ical syslem
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