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1.1 Etectrical Engineering: An oveMew Some general problem-solving prccedures are presented here Many ol rhem perlain lo lhinking about and organLing )our solulion slr0legy 6elor€ proceedingwith calculations. 1.. Identify what's Siven and what's to be found h problem solving, you need to know your destilation before you can select a route tbr get- ting tlere. What is the problem asking you 10 solve or find? Sometimes the goal of tle prcblem is obvious; other times you may need to paraphrase or make lists or tables of known and unknowr inJormation to see your objective. The problem statement may contain extraneous information tlat you need to weed out betore proceeding. On the other hand' it may offer incomplete information or more complexities thar can be handled given the solution methods at your disposal. In that case, you'll need to make assumptions to fill in the missing information or simpliJy the problem context. Be prepared to circle back and recon-
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