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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 33

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 33 - s that js,0.00001 s Most...

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1.2 The Intenationat System ofUnits These quantities, along rvith the basic unit and s]'mbo1 for each, are lisled in Tablc 1.1. Although not sldclly SI units, the familiar time unils of minute (60 s), hour (3600 s), and so on arc often usedin engineering cal culalions. In addirion.defined quanlitiesarc combined to form deriv€d units. Some, suchas force, energl', power, and elcctric charge. you already krow through previous physics cou$es. Table 1.2lists the derived units used in this book. Ir manycases, the SI unit is either ioo small or too large to use conve- niently.Standard prefixcs corresponding to polve$ of 10, as ljsted in Table 1.3, are then appliedto the basic unit. All o{ lhesc prefixes are cor- rect. but engineen oftcn use only the onesfor powers divisible b]' 3;thus centi, deci, deka, and hectoare used rare\,. Also, engineers oflen select the prefix lhat places the base number in the range between I and 1000. Suppose that a time calculation yields a result of 10
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Unformatted text preview: ' s, that js,0.00001 s. Most engineers would dcscribe this quantity as 10 /is. that is. 10 j = 10 x 10j s, mlher than as 0.01 ms or 10,000,000 ps. objective 1-lJnderstand and be abte to use SI units and the 1.1 How many dollars per millisecond would the federal govemment have to collect to retire a delicit of$100 billion in one year? Answ€r: $3.17/ms. NOTE: Abo try Chaptet Prcblems 1.1,1.3, and L6. standard prefires for powers of 10 1.2 If a signal can tmvel in a cable at 80% of the speed of light, what length of cable, ir inches, rcpreserts 1 ns? Answer: 9.45'. TABLE 1.3 Standardized Pr€fixes to signify Prefu Symbol Pol€r TABLE 1.2 Derived Units in SI Qufllity UnitNrne (Slnbol) t0 r3 10 r' 1 0 v 1 0 6 1 0 3 t0 l l 0 ' l|) 1o' t0l 106 10e l0'' pico p Electric potential Electric conduclance Magnetic llux hetv (Hz) newtoD (N) joulc (J) coulonb (c) vo1l(V) ohm (o) sienens (s) lrenry (H) N m J I/C C/V kilo nilli d h M G T...
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