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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 34

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 34 - 10 A 1.3 C ircuit...

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10 tigure t.4 A A conceptuaL modet for elechcat enqi- needng design. 1.3 Circuit Analysis: An 0verview Before becoming involved in the details of circuit analysis, we need to take a broad look at engineeing design, specilically the design of electric circuits. The purpose of this oveNiew is to prcvide you with a perspective on where circuit analysis fits within the whole of circuit design. Even though this book focuses on circuil analysis, w€ try to provide opportud- ties for circuit design where appropriate. A11 engineering designs begin with a need, as shown in Fig. 1.4. This need may come from the desire to improve on an existing desig , or it may be something brand-new A careful assessment of the need results in design specifications, which are measumble characteristics of a proposed desigl. Once a design is proposed, the design sp€cifications allow us to assess whether or not the design actually meets the need. A concept for the design comes next. fhe concept derives ftom a com-
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