Electric Circuits 8th Edition 35

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1.4 Voltage and CLr ent 11 describe the interconnection with mathematical equation$ For the mathe- matical equations to be useful,we must write them in terms of measurable quantities.In the case of circuits. these quantities are voltage and current, whjch we discuss in Section 1.4. The study of circuit analysis involves understanding the behavior of each ideal circuit element in terms of its voltage and current and understanding the constraints imposed on the voltage and current as a result of interconnccting the ideal elcmcnts- 1.4 Vottage and Current The concept of electric charge is the basis for describing all electrical phe- nomena. Let's review some important characteristics of electric charge. . The charge is bipolar, meaDing that electrical effects are described in terms of positive and negative charges. . The electric charge exists in discrete quanrities, which are integral
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