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1.5 The ldeat Easic Ciftuit Etement algebraically the notion ofpositive charge flowing in one direction is equiv aleni lo the notion ofnegative charge flowing in the opposite dircction Thc assignmcnts of the rcference polarily for voliage and the reftr ence dircction for curreni irc entirely arbitrary. Howevel. olrcc you have assigned the Iefercnces, you must wrilc all subsequent equations to agr;e \vith the choscn references The most widely Lrscd sign convention applied lo these retcrences is called the passive sign conv€niion, which we use throughoul thjs book The passive sign convention can bc staled Whcnever the reference direction Ior the current in an element is in the direction of the re{ercnce voltagc drop across the elemcnt (as in Fig.1.5). use a positive sign jn any exprcssion that relates lhc voltage ro Lhc
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Unformatted text preview: lypcs ofbasic circuit elenents is !o impress on )rou the Iact that the selec-tion of polaity referenccs along with the adoption ot the passivc sign conventior is rol a function of the basic elements nor thc type oI inter-conncctions nadc with thc basic elements. We present thc applicatlon ard interpretalion of the passive sign convention in power calculations in Seclion 1.6.-l Passive sign convention Objective 2-Know and be abte to use the definitionsot voltage and cu ent 1.3 The current at the terminals of thc clement Fig.1.5 is The expression for the charge eDtedng the upper t€rminal ofFjg.1.5 is , le'" c. 1-(.r. i :20e 5ooo'A, r > 0. Calculate the total charge (in microcoulombs) entering the element at its upper terninal-Answer: 4000 /..C. NOTE: Also try Chapter Ptoblem 1.9 Find lhe maximum value ofthe curlenl enter-ing the terminal ifa = 0.03679 sr. Answer: l0 A....
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