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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 40

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 40 - 76 objective-Know a ndu...

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76 objective 3-Know and use the definitions ofpower and energyt Objective 4-Be abte to use the passive sign 1.5 Assume that a 20 V voltage drop occurs across an clcmcnt from tcrminal2 to lcrninal l and that a curcnt of4 A entcrs tcminal2 a) SpeciJy the values of d and t for the polarity ret<fence. shoqn in rig. 1.6(r) (J . b) State whether the circuit inside the box is absorbhg or delivering po$'er. c) How much power is the circuit absorbing'? Answen (a) Circuit 1.6(a):r, = 20V,t: 4A; circuii 1.6(b): 1] : 20V,i = 4A; circujt 1.6(c):c = 20V,t = 4A: circuit 1.6(d):0 : 20 V. t : 4 A; (b) absorbing; (c) 80w: 1,6 Assume that the voltage at the terminals ofthe element in Fig. 1.5 corresponding to the currcnt in Assessnent Problem 1.3 is Calculatc thc total cncrgy (injoulet dclivered lo the circuit clement. Answer: 20 J. Answ€r: 1,140 MW Celilo to Sylmar. 1.7 A higi-voltage direcl curenl (dc) lransmissioll line between Celilo, Oregon and Sylmar, C ,litufDi I i. opcrrtirg Jt 800 kV and car r\ i19 1800A, asshowr. Calculale lhe power (in megawalts) at the Oregon end ofthe line and state
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