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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 41

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 41 - 17 Problems Seclion 12...

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17 Problems Seclion 12 L1 There are apprcximately 250 million passenger vehicles rcgistered ir the United States. Assume that the batteiy in the average vehicle stores 440 watt-hours (Wh) of energy. Estimate (in gigawatt-houis) tlle total energy stored in U.S. pas- sengei vehicles, 1.2 The line desuibed in Assessment Problem 1.7 is 845 mi in lengtl. The line contains lour conductors, each weighing 2526 lb per 1000 ft. How many kilo $ams of conductor are in the line? L3 The 4 giga-blte (GB : 10e bytes) flash memory chip for an MP3 player is 32 rnm by 24 rnn by 2.1mm. This memory chip holds 1000 thee-minute songs a) How many seconds oI music fit into a cube whose sides arc 1 mm? b) How many bytes of memory are stored in a cube whose sides aie 100 pm? 1,4 A hand-held video player displays 320 x 240 picture elements (pixels)in eachframe of the video. Each pixel requires 2 bytes of memory. Videos are dis' played at a mte of 30 frames per second. How many minutes of video will fit in a 30 gigabyte memory?
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