Electric Circuits 8th Edition 42

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18 Circuit va'iabtes b) Given that the current is due to electron flow, state whether the electrons are entering or leav- ing terminal2. c) Do the electrons gain or lose energy as they pass thmugh the element in the box? 1.14 Repeat Problem 1.13 with a voltage of 60V. 1.15 Wlen a car has a dead battery it can often be started by connecting the battery from another car across its terminals. The posilive terminals are connected together as are the negative terminals. The connec- tion is illustrated in Fig. P1.l5. Assume the crment i in Fig. P1.15 is measued and found to be 30 A. a) Which car has the dead battery? b) If this connection is maintained for 1 min, how much energy is transferred to the deadbattery'? Figure P1.15 1,17 The voltage and current at th€ t€rminals of the cir cuit element in Fig. 1.5 are zero lor , < 0. For , > 0 they are ?) = e s00, ?-1500! v, i : 30 40e 56'+ 10e-1s00i mA a) Find the power at r - 1 ms.
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