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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 43

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 43 - P robtms1 9 1:1 The...

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Probt€ms 19 1:1 The voltage and current at the teminals of the ele- P*r€ ment inFig.1.5 are r': 36 sin 200rt V, i = 25 cos 2007t A. a) Find the maximum value of the power being delivered to the element. b) Find t]le maximum value of the power beirg erlracted frcm the element. c) Find the aveiage value of p iJl the interval 0 < t < 5 m s , d) Ftnd the average value oI p in tlle htelval 0 < l < 6 . 2 5 m s . L22 The voltage and cu:rent at the teminals of an auto- 6PIcr mobile battery du ng a charge cycle are shown in fi$.P1.22. a) Calculate battery b) Calculate battery. Figure P1.22 t,(v) 1,23 The voltage and currcnt at t}Ie teminals of the cii- tsi'c crit element in Fig. 1.5 are zero for t < 0. For t > 0 they are 1) - (16,000r + 20)e-eo' V, t = (128r + 0.16)?{0' A. a) At what instant of time is ma-\imum powel delivered to the element? b) Find the maximum power in watts. c) Flnd the total energy delivered to tlle element in millijoules. 1.24 The voltage and clment at the terminals of tlte cir- 6flc cuit element in Fig.1.5 are zero for t < 0andt > 3s In rhe
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