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Probt€ms 19 1:1 The voltage and current at the teminals of the ele- P*r€ ment inFig.1.5 are r': 36 sin 200rt V, i = 25 cos 2007t A. a) Find the maximum value of the power being delivered to the element. b) Find t]le maximum value of the power beirg erlracted frcm the element. c) Find the aveiage value of p iJl the interval 0<t<5ms, d) Ftnd the average value oI p in tlle htelval 0<l<6.25ms. L22 The voltage and cu:rent at the teminals of an auto- 6PIcr mobile battery du ng a charge cycle are shown in fi$.P1.22. a) Calculate battery b) Calculate battery. Figure P1.22 t,(v) 1,23 The voltage and currcnt at t}Ie teminals of the cii- tsi'c crit element in Fig. 1.5 are zero for t < 0. For t > 0 they are 1) - (16,000r + 20)e-eo' V, t = (128r + 0.16)?{0' A. a) At what instant of time is ma-\imum powel delivered to the element? b) Find the maximum power in watts. c) Flnd the total energy delivered to tlle element in millijoules.
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