Electric Circuits 8th Edition 46

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Circu'it Elements There are five ideal basic circuit elements: voltasc sourccs. 2.1 VoLtage and Cunent Sources p. 24 2.2 ELectric;L Resistance (Ohmt Law) p. 28 2.3 Con5trudion of a Circuit l4odet p. 32 2.4 Kir€hhoff's laws p. .t6 2.5 Anatysis of a Circuit Containing Dependent Undertand th€ symbots for afd the behavior of the fottowifg ideatbasic circujt el€ments; jndependent voltag€ and cuir€nt sources, d€pefdert votiage aid cuiient sourc€s, and Be abte to stat€ 0hmt taw, Kirchhoffs current ta& and (irchhoffs vottage taw and be abte to use these laws to anatyze simpt€ cjrcujtr. Know how to caLculate th€ power for €ach element jf a simpl€ circujt and be abte to detefmjie whether or not the power batarces cunent sources, r'esistors, inductols. and capacito$. In this chap- tcr wc discuss thc chaaactcristics
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Unformatted text preview: like a small num ber of elements with which to begin analyzing circuits,mal1y prac-tical systems can be modclcd with iust sources and resistors.They are also a LlseftLl starting point because o[ their relative simplicity; thc mathcmatical rclationships bctwcen voltage and current ill sources and resistors are algebraic.Thus you will bc ablc to bcE:in leaning the basic techniques oI cjrcuit analysis with only alge-braic manipulations. We will postpone introducing inductols and capacitors until Chapter 6, because their use requires thal you solve integral and differential ecluations. However. the basic analytical techniqucs for solving circuits with induclols and capacitors are the same as those introduced in this chapter. So, by the time you need tcr begirl manipulating more difficult equations, you should be vcry familiar with the methods of writirg them. 22...
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