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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 48

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 48 - 24 S a 2.1 V oltage ndC...

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24 Figure 2.1^ Ihe circuii symbob for G)an ideatinde- pendent vothge source and (b)an jdeat independent 2.1 Voltage and Current Sources Befoie aliscussing ideal voltageand curent sources, we need to consider the general nature of electncal sources. An elechical sourc€ is a devjce that is capable oI converting nonelectric en€rgy to electric energy ard vice versa. A discharging battery converts chemical energy to electric energy, whereas a battery being charged converts electric energy to chemical energy. A dynamo is a machhe that conveits mechanical energy to electdc energy and vice versa.If operaling in the mechanical-to-electic mode, it is called a generator. If transforming ftom electric to mechanical energy, it is referred to as a motor. The impotant thing to remember about these sourcesis tlat theY can eitler deliver or absorb elect c power, generally maintaining either voltage or current. This behavior is of particular interest for circuit analysis and led to the creation of the ideal voltage source and the ideal current source as basic circuit elements.The chal-
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