Electric Circuits 8th Edition 49

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 49 - 2-1 Vottag€ and Cunent...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-1 Vottag€ and Cunent Sourc€s25The circuit symbols Ior the ideal dependent sources are shown inFig. 2.2. A diamond is used to represent a dependert source. Both thedepeDdent current source and the dependent voltage source may be con-trolled by either a voltage ot a current elsewhere in the circuit, so thereare a total of four variations, as indicated by the symbols in Fig. 2.2.Dependent sources are sometimes called controlled sources.To completely specify an ideal dependent voltage-controlled voltagesource! you must identify the controlling voltage, the equation that per-mits you to compute the supplied voltage ftom the controlling voltage,and the reference poladty for the supplied voltage.ln Fig.2.2(a),tlre con-trollirg voltage is named o,, the equation that determines the suppliedI, = Itrx.and the reference polarity for ?r is as indicated. Note that ri is a multiply-ing constant that is dimensionless....
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