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28 Objective 1-understand ideal basic circuit etements 2.7 For the circuit shown, a) what vdl e ofzr is rcquired in order for the interconnection to bc valid? b' for lhi. valu< ol "s. finLl lle po$er r"oci- ated with lhe 8 A source. Answer: (a) -2 V; (b) 16 w (16 w delivered). 2.2 For lhc circtlil shown, a) What value of d is requiled in order for the interconncction to be valid? b) For the value of a calculared in part (a), fhd the power associated with the 25 V sonrce- Answer; (a) 0.6 A/Vl (b) 375 w (37s w absolbed) NOTE: Abo try Chuptet Problens 2 2 dnd 2 3. R +\\.- figur€ 2.5 :" The cjrcuit synrbotfor a resktor having a 2.2 El.cctfiea{ fiesista$ee {$hm's !-aw} Resistrnc€ is lhe capacity of mateials to impede the llow ot curcnt or' more specifically, thc flou of clectdc charge. ll]c circuil clement usc'l to model ihis behavior is the resistor-Figure 2 5 shows the circuit symbol tor Lhc resistor, with R denoting thc resislance
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