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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 56

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 56 - Problems 2.6 and2.8...

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Having introduced the general characteristics of ideal sources and resis- lors,wc next show how to se these elements to build the circuit model of a practical system- objective 2-Be abte to state and use ohm's Law . . . 2.3 For the circuit shown. a) Ifos = 1 kV and ls = 5 mA, find the vahre of R and lhe power absorbed by tlre resistor b) Ifis : 75 mA and thc powcr dclivered by the voltage source is 3W,find os,n, and th€ power absorbed by the rcsistor, c) If R - 300 O and the power absorbed by R is 480 mW. find ts and z,g. For the circuit shown, a) ff is = 0.5 A and G : 50 mS, find ?s and t}re power delivered by the curent source b\ lr ds - l5 V rnd lhe poqcr Lleli\efed lo rhe conductor is 9 W.find the conductanc( G and the source current is. c) If G : 200 pS and thc power delivered to the conductance is 8 W find is ard z's. r) G Answer: (a) 200 kO,5 W: (b) 40 v
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Unformatted text preview: Problems 2.6 and2.8. Answer: (a) 10 V5 W; (b) 40 mS,0.6 A; (c) 40 mA,200 v 2.3 eonstruction cf a e ireuit iv!*dei We have already slated lhat onc reason for an interest in the basic circuit elements is thal they can be uscd 1o construct circuit models of practical systens.Thc skill rcqujred 1o develop a circuitmodel ofa device orsysten is as conplex as thc skill rcquired to solve the derived circuit. Although this text emphasizes thc skills required to solve circuits,I'ou also will need other skills in the practice of clcctrical engineering, and one of the most impoilanl is modeling. We deveiop circuit models in the next two cxamples. ln Exampie 2.1 we construcl a circuit modei based on a knowledge ofthc bchavior of the system's components and how the componenls are intcrconncctcd. ln Example2.5 we create a circuit model bymeasuring thc tcrminalbehavior...
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