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34 Circuit Etements (b) OFF */- ON G) Figure 2.10 A Circuit synbols. G) Short cncuit. (b) open ci(uit. G)swiich. We now construct the circuit model of the flashlight. Staiting with the dry-cell balteries, the positive terminal of the first cell is connected to the negative terminal of the second cell, as shown 1n Fig.2.11.The positive terminal of the second cell is connected to one terminal of the lamp. The oth€r teminal ofthe lamp makes contact with one side of lhe .sirch, and lhe other .ide of lhe s\\ilch is con- nect€d to the metal case.The metal case is then con nected to the negative teminal of the fust dry cell by mcans of the metal spring. Note that the ele ments form a closed path or circuit. You can see fte closed path formed by the connected elements in Fig.2.11. F$re 2.12 shows a circuit model for the flashlight. Figure 2,11 ,s The arangement offtashtight
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