Electric Circuits 8th Edition 60

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 60 - 3 6 Cncuit ttements a R...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 6 Cncuit ttements a R 1 b R " Flgure 2.15l Circuit modetofthe flashtight with assigned voltage and curcnt variabtes. 2.4 Kirchhoff's Laws A circuit is said to be solved when tle voltage across and the current in every element have been detemhed. Ohm\ law is an important equation for deriving such solutions. However, Ohm's law may no1 be enough to provide a complote solution. As we shall see in trying to solve th€ flash light circuit from Example 2.4, we need to use two more important alge braic relationships, knom as Kirchhoffs laws, to solve most circuits. We begh by redrawing the circuit as shown in Fig. 2.15, with the switch in the oN state. Nole that we have also labeled the current and volt age vadables associated with each resistor and the current associated with the voltage source. Labeling includes reference polarities, as always. For convenience, we attach the same subscripl to the voltage and current labels as we do to the resistor labels.In Fig.2.15,we also removed some of...
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