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38 Circuit Etemenis which represents the severth independent equation needed to find the seven unknown circuit variables mentioned earlier' The thought of having to solve seven simultaneous equations to find the curent delivered by a pair oI dry cells to a flashlight lamp is not very appealing. Thus in the coming chapte$ we introduce you to analytical techniques that will enable you to solve a simple one-loop circuit by writ- ing a single equation. However, before moving on to a discussion of these circuit techniques, we need to make several observations about the aletailed analysis of the flashlight circuit ln general, these observations are true and therefore are important to the discussions in subsequent chap- ters. They also suppo the contention that the flashlight circuit can be solved by defining a single unknown Firsi, note that if you know tlte curent ill a resistor, you also know the voltage across the resistor, because current and voltage are directly relatod through Ohm's law. Thus you can associate one unknown variable
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