Electric Circuits 8th Edition 65

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Unformatted text preview: Construding a Circuit Model Based on Terminal Measurements ,, (A) I | :- I 3 0 v 1 0 o 41 The terminal voltage and terminal current were measured on the device shown in Fig. 2.20(a), and the values of tr and i ar€ tabulated in Fig.2.20(b). Figlre 2.20 A (a) Devjce and (b) data tor ExampLe 2.9. a) Construct a circuit model of the device inside b) Using this circuit model, predict the power tlis device will deliver to a 10 O resistor. Solution a) Plotting the voltage as a function of the current yields the giaph shown in Fig.2.21(a).The equa- tion of the line plotted is u ' : 3 0 5 ' ! Now we treed to identiJy the components of a cir- cuit model t}Iat will produce the same rclation- ship between voltage and current. Kirchhoffs voltage law tells us tlat the voltage drcps aqoss two components in sedes add. From the equa tion, one of those components produc€s a 30 V drop regardless oI t}le current. This component can be modeled as an ideal independent voltage source. The other component produces a positivesource....
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