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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 66

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 66 - connected between the...

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42 0bjective 2-Be able to state and use ohm's law and Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws 2.5 For the circuit shown, calculate (a) i5; (b) "r; (c) ?,r; (d) z,\; and (e) thc power delivered by the 24V sorrce. Answ€r: (a) 2 A; (b) 4Y (c) 6 V; (d) 14 v; (e) a8w 2.7 a) The terminal voltage and terminal currcnt were measured on the device shown,The values of 2,, and j, are provided in the table. Using these values,create the st(aight lil1e ptot of 4 versus ir- Compute the equalion of the lire and use the equarion to construct a cfcuit model for the device usjng an ideal voltage source and a resistor. b) Use the model constructed h (a) to predicr the power that the device will deliver to a 25 O resistor. Answer: (a) A 25 V source in serics $iith a 100 O resistor; (b) 1w (lt) (b) 2.8
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Unformatted text preview: connected between the terminals of a 100 O rcsistor; (b) 1 w. 21V 3 0 21) 1 A Use Ohm's law and Kirchhoffs iaws to find the value oIn in the circuit shown-Answer: R = 4(). 200v 1 2 0 \ : 2 4 ! ) 8r) \OTf: AL,' !rj (hdpler Ptub|,n52.11.2.1',2.18.dnJ ).1u. Figure 2.22 Z A circuit with a dependent source. 2.6 2.5 A*nlysis qf e eircuit Ccmt*iming Sependent 5o$rees We conclude this introduction to clenenlary circuit analysis with a discus sion of a circuit that contains a depeident source. as depicted in Fig.2.22. 5i,r We want to use Kirchholls laws and Ohm\ la$'to find o, in this cir cuit. Before writing equations, il is good practice to examine the circuit diagram closel_v. This rvill help us identify the information that is known aDd the information rje musl calculate. It may also help us dcvisc a slrat egy for solving the circuit using only a few calculations....
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