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2.5 Anatysis of a Cjrcujt Contajning Depend€nt Sources A look at the ckcuit in Fig.2.22 reveals that . Once we know to, we can calculate oo using Ohm's law . Once we know i^, we also know the cu enl supplied by the dependent . The curr€nt in the 500 V source is i^. There are thus two unknown curents, iA and io.We lleed to construct and solve two independent equations involving these two currerts to produce From the circuit, notice the closed path containing the voltage source, the 5 O resistor, and the 20 O resistor. We can apply Kircbloff's voltage law aro nd this closed path. The resulting equation contains the two Nowweneed to generate a second equation containing these two cur, rents. Consider the closed path formed by the 20 O resistor and the dependent curent souice.If we attempt
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