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Ciruit Ehments problem. Choosing a good approach and the appropriate tools will usually reduce the numbei and complexity of equations to be solved. Example 2.10 illustrates another application of Ohm\ law and Kirchhoff's laws to a cir- cuit with a dependent source. Example 2.11involves a much more compli- cated circuit, but with a careful choice of analysis tools, the analysjs is relatively uncomplicated. Apptying ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Laws to Find an Unknown Vottage a) Use Kirchhoff's laws and Ohm's law to find the voltage ,r, as shown inFig.2.23. b) Show that your solution is consistent with the constraint that the total power developed jn the circuit equals the total power dissipated. 2A Applying Ohm's law to the 3 O resistor g.Ives the desired voltage: ?)o : 3to - 3V b) To compute the power delivered to the voltage sources, we use the power equation in the form p : ol. The powei delivered to the independent volrage source ls p
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