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The circuit in Fig.2.24 represents a common config- uration encountered in the analysis and design of transistor amplifien. Assume that the values of all the circuit elements'_R1, R2, Rc. RE, Ucc, and U$- a) Develop the equations needed to determine the current in each element of this circuit. b) From these equations, devise a formula for com- pufing is in terms of the circuit element values. Apptying 0hm's Law and Kirchhoff's Law in an Amptifier Circuit 2.5 Anatysjs ofa Cncujt Containing DependentSources (3) iE- iE- ic-0. A fourth equation iesults ftom imposing the constraint presented by the sedes connection of Rc and the dependent source: (4) ic = BiB We tum to Kirchhoff's voltage law in de v- ing the remaining two equalions We need to select two closed paths in order to use Kirchhoffs voltage law. Note that the voltage across the dependent current souice is unknown, and that it
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