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I u,""rr roro Midtermtr ' lluo. . -a/t* ll-*ft, Fall 2007 tt) w @,n,r,, @aancre. X MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose fire one altenr-ative that beat completes the statement or answers tfte question. 1) Cells are to tissues as tissues are to A) membranes. B)organisms. C) organsystems. D) organelles Q)organs. 2) Which of the following does not form part of the$injfilarrgnts of a muscle cell? @myosin rL;L B)actin c)tropomyosin D) tropo'rdn 3) 1{lt that contains proteins enablinge-bglmg!€ to selectively bind to [email protected],Ut*u is called a(n) Q!)target cell. B) endocrine cell. C) secretory cell. 4) What is the correct sequence of events that would lead to a person hearing a sound? - l. transuuslslon Zhansductiontt)
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Unformatted text preview: -E-integration J A I I 4 amplification BA W2,4+1,3 ?),r:,t,?,n c)1,2,3,4 D)3,1,4,2 .AIP* _9-Ao"g the invertebrates, lrthropods are wrique in possessing-(Awings. / . !_ @ot*circulation CJavenkalnervecord. UJ " lvttrtru vr-I e)\dhich developmental sequence is correct? A) deavage, blastula, gaskula, morula B) morula, deavage, gaskula, blasfula €Dcleavage, morula, blastula, gastrula D) gastrula, morula, blastula, cleavage E) deavage, gastrula, morula, blastula 7) Neurohansmitters are released from presynaptic axon terminals into the synaptic deft by whidr mechanism? A) osmosis ftpxocytosts-c) difftrsion D) endocytosis /-a Q)active hansport c-1...
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