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Bio 101B 7 - 8) Which of the following is a function of the

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8) Which of the following is a function of the acrosome con{ents dwing fertilization? Q)y'igest the exterior coats of the egg \ I B)blodcpolyspermy \ \ C)helppropel thesperm toward theegg Q,)_ D) nourish the mitochondria of the sperm E) trigger the completion of meiosis by the sperm cell 9) The endocrine system and the nervous system are skucturally related. Which of the following cells best illustrates this relationshio? I Q!)a neurosecretory cell in the hlpothalamus B),a cell in the pancreas that produces digestive enz,ymes C) a brain cell in the cerebral cortex D) a steroid-producing cell in the adrenal cortex E) a neuon in the spinal cord tO) UoslnutriTls 3re absorbed across the epithelium of the A) esophagus. B) stomach. @ "-"Uintestine. D) large intestine. E) colon _11) Integration o(si^g9{yt9$egto gesaig.rtinulL such as the parellar rSfler is accomplished by which of rhe
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