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Bio 101B 8 - H leave tbgslig[ygEact-a this take...

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H" leave tbgslig[ygEact-a substance must cross a cell membrane. During whidr stage of food processing does this take place? ,.f)\ @efiminauou- B) digestion C) ingestion ( ' oi]utotption t7) Why is sexual reproduction important? {) It enables isolated animals to colonize a habitat rapidly. (9fr" resulting diverse phenotypes may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment. C) It allows animds to conserveresources and reproduce only during optimal conditions. D) It can result in numerous offsp'ring in a short amor:nt of time: E) Both A and D are important 18) Fertilization of hr.r:nan eggs usually takes place in the A) ovary. (p)pviduct. C) uterus. D) vagina. A) Bowman's capsule
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