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24) What is the reason that fluid is forced out of systemic capillaries at Sggf$riole-enaa A) The osmotic pressure of the interstitial fluid is greater than the hydrostatic pressure of the blood. B) The hydrostatic pressure of the blood is less than that of the interstitial fluid. C) The osmotic pressr:re of the intersdtial fluid is greater than that of tlre blood. frfhehydrostatic pressure of the blood is greater than the osmotic pressure of the blood. )v 25) During the-genstolal-grcle, what is the main source of progesterone in females? A) placenta ,-\ @eveloping follicle @""r*sluteum ) - D) adrenal cortex E) anterior pituitary 2O) @ animal that has two embrvonic tiss"e layers belongs to which phylum? @ c"ia".iu B)Platyhelminthes { C) Echinodermata D) Nematoda X E) Porifena X ?f) }{ow does the digestion *djbrglgn-of fa! differ from that of carbohydrates? A) Processing of fat does not require any digestive enzymes, whereas the processing of carbohydrates does. X
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