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Bio 101B 10 - 37 Which of the following is th€@equence...

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32) IAlhich is zof draracteristic of all mammals? A) a four-chambered heart that prevents nrixing of orygenated and deorygenated blood (pjgiving btuth to live young (ytyipelgcg) )-orAr- *;]r"r".a C) having hair during at least some period of life I D) having glands to produce nourishing milk for offspring 33) Tracheal systemsfor gas exchange are found in which organism? B)Fllyfish C) earthworm D) crustacean A)Ionly B)tronly c)Itronly D)Iandtrooly @r"rdltr*ly 35) How is most of the e transported by the blood in humans? A) CO2 dissolved in the plasma B) bicarbonate attadred to hegcglgL_in @CO2 attached to hemglgrbln 4,, p) carbonic acid intheerythrocytes ffirr":ubonate ions in the plasma 36) How does the vegetal pole differ from the animal pole_o:La:Ofga!e? @[he vegetal pole has ahigher concentration of yolk V B) The vegetal pole cells undergo mitosis but not cytokinesis. C) The blastomeres originate only in the vegetal pole. D) The posterior end of the embryo forms at the vegetal pole.
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Unformatted text preview: 37) Which of the following is th€ @@equence that occurs during the oxcitation and. contraetion of a muscle cell? 1. Tropomyosin shifts and unblocks the cross-bridge binding sites. Z Calcium is released and binds to the troponin complex. 3. Transverse tubules depolarize the sarcoplasmic reticulum. 4. The thin filaments are ratdreted across the thick filaments by the heads of the myosin molecules using energy 5' An action potential in a motor neulon calrsres the axon to release acetylcholine, which depolarizes the muscle cellmembrane. + ( tr A)5,g,7,2,4 @5,3,2,7,4 c)2,1,g,5,4 D)7,2,3,4,,5 E)2,g,4,.J,,5 38) In which extanJ dass did iaws occur earliest? A) Dipnroi l'+ lil; @chonarichthyes----'fu,* 39) Melatonin has been found to participate in all of the followtng exrept C) Actinopterygii bt'-W @cakiumdepositioninbone. q ? rlt:,$-D)monitoringdaylengttr- V A) reproduction \-/ C) biological rhythms. V B) tronly C) Itronly c-5...
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