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gO) tAch of these is zof considered an amniqte? ($amphibians , B) non-avian reptiles C) placental mammals D) egg-laFnsmammals E) avian repfiles EXTRA CREDIT Write your answet in the space provided. 41) How does the digestion and absorption of fat differ from that of carbohydrates? Fo*' , hrs ,-t 4 "lr#ni^4,,^'^*A . P+v+ti,- sr/r"fi/-$r* try a r-'rJ,'La l"otLJ.r'; l*4fr -i^ s,,tL ;/tr#^e^ . "d^t tb"' - "\rkL"*, q/.t r-l*,h*tlt"fu ( ,yttJ,'"* 6/,,i",,-r-.r .j .,dL ,:,'"i^Lbt -,L ) \ qt/t"41 ^ + sahil.ate- qlt$sa.h{,^rt,---.; |)*^ \ ,."aclu ,2Il^ 4 4;wowa^e-
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Unformatted text preview: '(;,, 1^^fub^h"";^it^l-",Ll-,,r) {*e-lot'A fQ Contrast the parasympathetic and syrnpathetic divisions of the nervous system. 44) Define hermaphroditic. What is an advantage of herrraphroditism in annelids? A* a^|'d M-f*0ry-+/,r*, lr" "^"It- ""r/-&t^""lL * y ,J^-o,tt-";^/^bitl'*L. hs h^*+rril-,^+k *L'* L"J* $ila. yyvfi-CuL"hAl"d^ : lTe^lr"w\ s+ttd ^ 4r* *w6l,\il'to ,.r*rs*'srta . "I4^Jfa^ L dr*r^".,,,-L-fa"u,", ^ *L#t.* *.rilL l^'"te-€) Describe a pair of honnones with antagonistic effects. lt4r "f + J; t"tA ' c-6...
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