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Bio 101B 12

Bio 101B 12 - Biology 101b-Midtemt Itr w^nu 3l,^14>...

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Biology 101b--Midtemt Itr clY{fn" y, w^nu 3l',,^ 14> MULTIPLE CI{OICE. Choose the one altetnative thit best completes ttte statement or answers Ore question. - 1) The most recent corlmon ancestor of all land plants was most similar to modem-day members of which group? @ st* utg"" p Solden alsae 2) Bryophytes have all of the following characteristics excepf A) multicellularity. C) " @ependent sporophyte. 3) Plant spores give rise @tl)r to B) walled spores in sporangia. A) sporophylls. (6\am*ophytes. C) sporophytes. D) seeds. 4) In whicJr of the following does the sporophyte depend on tlqametophyte for nutrition? **,) - A)horsetail (Equisetum) ffott \./ ") c; rem ' ep)A, B, and c 5) The following characteristics all helped seedless planb become better-adapted toland' excqt B) stomata. D) brown algae @tignifi"a vascular tissue. @a dominant gametophyte. (paesiccation resistance. D) dispersal. /-7 ,{r;J @,,, 7) l,Vhich of the following most dosely represents th" qgle ffmglqphyte of seed-bearing plants?
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