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52 Circuit ELements Section 2.4 2,18 Given the circuit shown in Fig. P2.18, tind """ a) the value ofi., b) the value of 4, c) t]le value of o,, d) the power dissipated in each resistor, e) the power deliveied by rhe 50 V source. Flgure P2.18 r,ilzo o 2,19 a) Find the currents il and t, in t}le circuir in Fig. P2.19. b) Fitrd tlle voltage !'o. c) Verify that t}le total power developed equals rhe total power dissipated. Flgure P2.19 180 V 2.22 For rhe circuit shown in Fig. P2.22, find (a) R and 6trc (b) the power supplied by tle 125 V source. ligurc P2.22 125 V 2.23 The variable rcsistor R in rhe circuir in Fig. p2.23 is EEc adjusted until z'd equals 60 V Find the value of R. Fig(re P2.23 2.24 The voltage across ttre 15 kO resistor in the circuit 6nd
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Unformatted text preview: is 500 V positive at rhe upper terminal. a) Find the power dissipated in each resistor. b) Find the power supplied by the 100 rLA ideal cufient source, c) Verify tiat the power supplied equals t}le total power dissipated. li$rc ?2-24 Figure P2.21 250 50v 800 90f,) 2.20 The current ia in the cftcuir shown h Fig. p2.20 is Errd 2 mA. Find (a) io (b) is; and (c) rhe power deljvered by the independent current source. Flgue P2,20 1 k ( ) '.Ji z ro 3ko 221 The cunenl i, in the circuit in Fig. p2.21 is 4 A. """ a) Find i1. b) Find the power dissipated in each rcsisror. c) Vedfy thar the rotal power dissipated in rhe cir-cuit equals the power developed by the 180 V 4k() 5() 10() R 30f,r 300 80() 450 180 r) 18()...
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