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12) t}\ch of the following root tissues gives rise to lateral roots? @}periVde - B)endodermis C) cortex D) epidermis 13) 9ft1 tissue does NOI make up the bark of a tree? ^V*ryrimaryrylem B)primarypliloem V C) corkcambium V 14) lVHh of the following statements abord$eds inconect? @,".gy:lUtfrom the plant is required for xylem transpo*. ^k^-* B) Ithas a lower water potential than soil does. \/ C) It conducts materials within dead cells. ,turyrj_ ej,n-"*^ A V D) It conducts ggateri4lupward. . , , -, * t'*'t^--V 9 ^A^t roots, the Casparian strip is conectly described by which of the following? - \y:t [email protected] the active transport of minerals into the stele from the cortex. p @[t ensures that all water and dissolved substances muslpass through a cell before [email protected] th3- stele.@ C) It provides increased surface area for the absor?tion of mineral nutrients. lffi JH 16) Water flows into the source end of a sieve fube because A) sucroseh {l&sedinto thesieve tube,making itlypgltoniS_ X
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