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2r5 The cuffents ia and ib in the circuil in Fig. P2.25 are 6fl4 4 A and 2 A, respectively. a) Fitrd is. b) Find the power dissipated in each resistor. c) Find 0s. d) Show that the power delivered by the current source is equal to the power absorbed by all the other elements, Figu€ P2.25 2.28 a) Find tie voltage o, in the circuit in Fig. P2.28. """ b) Show that t]le total power genemted in t}le cir- cuit equals the total power absorbed. tigure P2,28 72o' 15.2 V Figule P2.30 10() zzn The curents i1 and i2 in the circuit in Fig. P2.26 are 10 A and 25 A, respectively. a) Find the power supplied by each voltage source. b) Show that the total power supplied equals the total power dissipated in the resistors Figure P2.26 100 r} S€dion 2.5
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Unformatted text preview: 227 Derfte Eq.2.25. Hint: Use Eqs (3) and (4) fiorD Example 2.11 to express iE as a function of is. Solve Eq. (2) for i, and substitute the result into both Eqs. (5) and (6). Solve the "new" Eq. (6) for tr and subshtute this rcsult into tle "new" Eq. (5). Replace tr in the "new" Eq. (5) and solve for is. Note that because rcc appears only in Eq. (1), the solution for is involves the manipulation of only five equatiofls. 2r9 Find (a) t,, (b) ir, and (c) i, in the circuit in Eg. P2.29. Flgurc P2.29 1ko 500 0 2.30 Find rJ1 and os in the circuit shown in Fig. P2.30 6xa when oo equals 250 mV (Hirtr start at tle dght end of the circuit and work back toward os.) 4(} 24o" 12.5 I)...
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