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(-l t\/ 22) Which of these structures is unigre to the seed of a monocot? A) cotyledon (#l*Uosperm C) seed coat 23) If you were shipping grean bananas to a super:narket thousands of miles away, which of the following chemicals wouU volJwant to eliminate from the planb' envitonment to prevent fruit ripening? A) cytokinins @ethylme C) auxin D) gibberellic acids 2d Auxin is responsible for all of the following plant growth rcsponses etrcept ': D\ -,^:--r -r^-:-^--^ \ / -- (ilnudetection of photoperiod, B) apical dominance. V *{dta""gation arz D) phototropism' 25) In order to flower, a short-day plant needs a -;- A) day that is longer than a certain length. ft C) burst of far-red light in the middle of the night' --X 25) Generally speaking, deserts are located in places where air masses are usually A) humid. B) cold' @fa[ing' ) .\L 27) Which marine zone would have the lOwsstJiltes of Pamaly productivify (photosynthesis)? @*r'"*
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