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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 78

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 78 - 54 cncuit tements E in...

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54 cncuit Etements 2,31 Foi the circuit shown in Fig. P2.31, calculate (a) ia and Ede o" and O) show drat the power developed equals the power absorbed, rigure P2.31 232 For the circult shoxn n Fig.2.24, Rr = 20kO, Emr R, : 80 ko, Rc : 5000, RE = 100 (), vcc = 15 v, y0 : 200 mY and B : 39. Calculate is, ic, ;8, 2,3d, ,bd,,2,4, oab, icc, and o13. (Noter In the double sub- script notation on voltage variables, the first sub- script is positive with respect to tlle second subscript. See Fig. P2.32.) Sectiono 2.1-2.5 2.33 It is often desirable h designing an electric wiring pffiTil| system to be able to contrcl a single appliance from two or more locationE for example, to control a Iighting fixtue from both the top and bottom of a stairwell. In home wfting systems, this type of con- trol is implemented \irith three-way and four-way switches. A tbree-way switch is a three-terminal, two-positior switch, and a four-way svdlch is a four-
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