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34) Whi& of the following types of species interaction is inconectlu paired to its effects on the d*ig of the two interacting populations? flpredation--one increases, one decreases V (pcommensalism-both decrease 35) The species richness of a community refers to the A) relative ntrmbers of individuals in each species. C) number of food chains. B) parasitism--one increases, one decreases \-/ D)mutualism-bothincrease V B) number of populations @[r"mber of different species. 36) In a tide?ool, 15 species of invertebrates welg.-reduegd-to eiglrt after one species was removed. The species removed was likely a(n) 1Alkeystone specim. B)herbivore. \-/ C) community facilitator. D) mutualistic organism. 37) You are most likely to observe primary succession when yg*qi1it a(n)
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Unformatted text preview: e)hopical rain forest. / 9!;;al9/^rty recent volcanic island. c) abandoned field. .|u-'*,.,-x .l^".t*W D) old riverbed. 38) subtraction of which of the a*r;, **'":; goss pnry productivity into net primary productivity? A) all solat enerry (9*u enerry used by autotrophs in respiration C) the energy used by heterot-ph" in respiration -D) tt e energy fixed by photosynthesis 39) [r the nitrogen cycle, the bacteria that replenish the atnosphere withN2 are ,@*,t"tfyo,g bacteria. @,iooSo, fixing bacteria. C) r,itrifyir,g bacteria. ..H. . . t*<)'- 4\ + (pl ttengn levelsof Eesticidesfo"taii'6'irasof preyisanexampleof | ".-;^ ar/rr*""Ik"J r A) the green world hlrpothesis. @lit *t *"gnialtioo 1 -*' c) euhophication. ,X EXTRA CREDIT....
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