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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 79

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 79 - son ftom letting go of...

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2.36 a) Using the values of resistance for arm, leg, and lrunl Drovided in Pfoblem ).14, calculate lhe ""'"'''"' po.", di.ripured in the arm. leg. and lr unJ. b) The specific heat of water is 4.18 x 10rJ/kg'C, so a mass of water M (in kilograms) heated by a power P (in watts) undergoes a rise in tempera- lure ar a mre glven oy dT 2.39 . 10-aP ^^ i = M ' ' 1 " Assuming that the mass of an arm is 4 kg, the mass of a leg is 10 kg, and t]le mass of a trunl is 25 kg, and that the human body is mostlywater, how many seconds does it take the alm,leg, and trunk to dse the 5'C that endangers living tissue? c) How do the valuesyou computed in (b) com- pare vrith the few minutes it takes for oxygen sta ation to injure the brain? 2.37 A person accidently $abs conducton connected to ?lltfff*Jr each end of a dc voltage source, one in each hand a) UsiDg the resistancevalues for the human body provided in Problem 2.34, what is the mhimum 55 source voltage that can produce electdcal shock sufficient to cause pamlysis, preventing the per-
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Unformatted text preview: son ftom letting go of the conducton? b) Is there a significant dsk of this type ol accident occurring while servicing a pe$otal computer, which typically has 5 V and 12 V souces l 2.38 To unde$tand why the voltage level is not the sole ,lli,l*l, delelmina n I oI polential iniur] due to elecrrical '- ' _' sbock, con.ider lhe case ol a .latic eleclricily shock mentioned in the Practjcal Perspective at the start of this chapter. W}IeIl you shuffle youi feet across a carpet, your body becomes charged The effect of this charye is that your entire body iepresents a vollage potential. w]len you touch a metal door-knob, a voltage difference is created between you and the doorknob, and curent flows-but the con-duction material is air, not your body! Suppose the model of the space between your hand and the doorknob is a 1 MO resistance what voltage potential exists between your hand and the doorknob ifthe current causing the mild shock is 3 mA?...
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