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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 81

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 81 - ranges from 9 to 16 How...

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PracticaI Perspective A Rear Window Defroster The rear window defroster grid on ar automobite js an exam- pteof a resjstive circuit that pedorms a useful function. one such grid structure is shown on the teft of the figure here. The gid conductors can be modeled wjth resistors, as shown on the ight of the figure. Thenumber of hoizontaI conductors varies with the make and modeL of the carbut typicatty
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Unformatted text preview: ranges from 9 to 16. How does this grid work to defrost the rear window? How are the properties of the g d determined? We witt answer these questions in the Practical Perspective at the end ofthis chapter. The circuit anatysis required to answ€r these ques-tiors adses flom the goaL of having uniform defrosting in both th€ horizontal and verticaL directions. 57...
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  • seful unction.o ne, igure.T hen umber, Howd, ear indow efroster, esjstive ircuitt hat, ndv erticaL irections.

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