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Another way to think about this concept of an equivalent resistancc is ro visualize the string of resistors as being inside a black box. (An elcctri cal engineer uses the term black bor to imply an opaque container; that is, the conterts are hidden from view The engineer is theD challenged to modei ihe contents of the box by studying the relationship between the voltage and current at ih termillals.) Determining whether the box con- tains k resistors or a single equivalent resistor is impossible. Figure 3.4 illustrates this method ofsttdying the circuit shown in Fig.3.2. 3.2 Resistors in Faratlel When two elemerts connect at a single node pair, they are said to be in parallel. Parall€l-cotrnecled circuit elements have the same voltage across their terminals.The circuit shom in Fig.3.5 illust.ales lesistors connected
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